Got to the top


Saturday morning I managed to not sleep through my alarm and went for a 7 mile hike in the Angeles National Forest with friends. The beginning of the hike proved to be a challenge for me since I hadn't exercised for a month following my surgery. But about forty minutes in, I managed to figure out my own pace and the hike became more enjoyable.

The air was crisp and cold. As we were making our way up Mount Islip, the wind started to pick up and I felt myself getting cold but luckily it was a sunny day and it never got unbearably chilly. 

I fell asleep on the car ride back. When I woke up I felt energized and happy. Not exercising for a month was difficult. My body was itching to run and jump around, but I had to wait for my doctor to give me the OK. This was the best way to get started again. I'm also excited about the flag football season starting again in February. I had a great time playing last season and I really felt how much I missed playing after it was over.