Which is the happier of the two?

I saw The Martian much later than everyone else. I hadn't felt exited about going to the movies in a long while so I kept putting it off. I'm glad I saw it though. It was beautiful and emotional. I also really like Matt Damon, so that was a plus. 

I kept comparing the movie to Moon, which stars Sam Rockwell. Both movies are dark and both of the main characters are isolated away from the Earth but I found myself thinking that The Martian was a "happier" film just because of the color of the planet (LOLL...whatever).

I also loved that Harry Gregson-Williams composed the music for the film. I love love love the music he's composed for the Metal Gear series. Since I mentioned Moon, Clint Mansell's soundtrack for it was so good. It was amazingly creepy and nerve racking. I think if Moon had some disco tracks thrown in there, I'd probably think it was a happy movie too.

Anyway. Here's a quick gouache painting I did after I saw the film.