My Feet Hurt so Much!

I went to Little Tokyo with my friend today! We had so much fun, but we walked way to much. I'm so tired right now. I bought a bunch of stuff...I'm just gonna show pictures today:

Seventeen + Hello Kitty This cute pouch came with the Seventeen Magazine. That smaller booklet was like a preview of a manga.

I got the hair conditioner of the shampoo that I bought from HK Market earlier + Bath Salt! Have you tried this one before Jen??

GUNSO He looks so scary and cute at the same time~

Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina She is so awesome!~

KITTY The cutest cellphone strap ever!

PIG Mirror...I needed one really badly~

Minna w/ SOUP Mina with soup!


Three is Company They are so cute together~<3

You can see the rest of my photos over here~ I am so tired right now....good thing I don't have school tomorrow! YEAH~ Have a wonderful week everyone!