Spring Break Starts Now~!

Last day before Spring Break was today. It went well...especially physics...I have fallen in love with physics~ It's so awesome...especially when we have discussions about stuff involving space....ahhh I kind of miss class....hahah NO!! I have a lot of stuff to do this break...study for two tests which are they days I get back. I have decided to wake up early and study during the mornings and then have the afternoons to myself...to do whatever. I hope I stick to this schedule...I tend to get lazy during breaks ^___^~

I might go to Little Tokyo this weekend...either tomorrow or Sunday...depending on my cousin who wants to go. I haven't been there since December...I think~ It's been a while...and I miss it~

New layout too~! I had the other one for a really long time. I got attached to that one...but I thought it was time for a change~

I hope you all have a wonderful weekened!! ^________^