Cloudy Monday

It's Monday ;___; and I'm not feeling good. I'm a little depressed...since I have so much to do...since I have three tests next week, and because my sister is off next week(spring break). UGHHHHHHHHH~ Spring break is on April 16th for sucks! My sister and I like it when we are off together...since we can do stuff. This is so stupid!!~ I wanted to upload some pictures from my camera...but my camera is dead...and I can't find the lazy. I ordered to magazines today(Non-no and Seventeen)...I'm not sure when I'll get them, but I'm in no rush. I was planning on going to Little Tokyo on Saturday, but that didn't happen. My uncle from New York is visiting (his uncle has cancer and he was worried that he wouldn't be able to see his uncle again...). He is the coolest uncle of my favorite relatives...because he is so warm and full of life. He convinced me to sky dive with him this coming summer. I promised him that I would...but today I was watching this show about dangerous stunts or whatever...and this guy almost died while was really scary...I need my uncle to re-convince me ^____^

I bought a pair of knee length jeans on Saturday which I am super happy about. I do not like shopping for when I do find a pair...I get so happy ^____^<3

Okay...I just finished my econ homework. I have a lot of math hw....I'll do it tomorrow. Ohh...tomorrow I might get a bangs have grown out and the really go on my nerves during class....also I have lots of split ends from ironing my hair so much ^^ I need to call and get an appointment. Ohh speaking of friend wants to go to a spa in LA next week and she wants me to go with her. She got a promotional deal where she only had to pay $50 for four spa visits. I'm trying to get the same deal, but no luck so far. It's soexpensive!!~ I've never been to a spa before...I don't know what to expect!~ ^___^

Well, I hope you all had a nice Monday~ OHHH...I saw was baddddd...OKAY...that was random. Bye bye~<3<3