Sorry for my absence! I have been really busy this week!! Last night my cousin's wife went into labor!!! ^____________________^ Omg I can't believe it! I can't believe that they are gonna be parents....sooo weird. From all of my first cousins(I have 11), he is the first one to become a it's a big deal in my family~ They are having a boy.....I don't know if they have decided on a name yet....I have to finish all my hw right now so we can go to the hospital later on tonight. I called my cousin to see how he was doing and how she was doing. They were both okay...Tamar(my cousin's wife) is just a little tired...she hasn't been able to sleep. The doctors said that she might give birth at around's 2:38pm right there is still a couple of hours left...YAY I'm so excited!!!~<3<3 OKAY! I have to go now. Just thought I'd share ^_____________________________^<3