Spring Semester och Svensk Tidning!

First day of Spring Semester was lots of fun! This is semester is gonna be great! I am taking three classes:

Calculus 104H MTWTHF 8:15-9:16
Physics MWTHF 9:30-10-31 & 1:30-4:35
Macro Econ MWF 10:45-11:46

I have lots of friends in all of my classes...so I won't be sad ^____^ My cousin is also in my physics class...which is awesome cause we can work together at home or something~ YAY!! Another awesome thing: I will only have to buy one book because we are continuing with the same Calc book and my friend is gonna let me borrow her Physics book! YAY!!!!~ Saving money is great!

OKAY! I went to IKEA today and bought some yummy stuff:

KOKOSBOLLAR<3 YUM...I <3 these! Marabou + Daim = HEAVEN!!

And finally, this is for Minna: Look who's on the cover!!~ Look who's on the cover!! A free Swedish/English newspaper that I picked up called Vestkusten meaning the 'Westcoast'. Hahaha it has weird articles~

Alright...I'm gonna go and do some hw! Take it easy~<3