I Love Animals

Today was wonderful! The weather was just perfect(too warm for February though!). My family ate breakfast at around 10:00 and then we got ready to go to the Los Angeles Zoo! ^___________^<3 We got there at around 2:00pm and drove around looking for parking. There were so many people there with their kids. It was really hard to walk around because it was just packed. I have lived in Los Angeles for eight years now and I have never been to the zoo, so it was about time~ The zoo wasn't really the best...but I liked it anyway. There were so many cute animals...awwwwww...I wanted to hug them all~ I was really looking forward to see Orangutans(omg they are adorable) and Crocodiles(I think they are cute) and Giraffes(^^). I took lots and lots of pictures!!

These flamingos were soooo funny~ YAY Kangaroos!!!~<3 This is Modo....he was so cute ^______^ My dad and I taking a picture with our ice cream cones~ CUTE!!~ They were so pretty~ HAHAHAHAHAHA~<3 I love giraffes...they are so elegant. This is random...but I just got this necklace~ I really love it ^__________^

I have some more pictures here~

OKAY! I am gonna go and eat something! Have a wonderful day!