Slowly Recovering

Hey guys. Sorry to have been gone for so long. I hit a bump and have been trying to recover ever since. I got sick a week and a half ago and haven't been to school since. My doctor says it's a stomach virus and that I just have to let my body get rid of it on its own. I've been drinking ginger and water for a week now. No matter what I eat, my body rejects it, so I've been very hungry. Last Tuesday I was feeling very bad. I woke up from bad stomach pains and a cold sweat. I wanted to throw up but I knew nothing would happen because I hadn't eaten in three days. My mom was trying to make me feel better, so she went into her room to get me a new t shirt or something (I can't remember so clearly). I was trying to focus on my breathing so I wouldn't feel worse, but I couldn't take it any longer so I started walking toward the bathroom. I tried standing by the sink, but my feet were to weak, so I decided to sit. I don't remember much after this. I remember trying to stand again and then I woke up to my mom's screams and her shaking me . I couldn't see anything because my eyes were closed. I didn't know where I was but I was shivering. My mom was crying and I kept asking her 'why are you crying? what's wrong mom?"

I was lying down on my stomach on the bathroom floor. She helped me up onto a chair. At this point I realized I had fainted and I started crying because my neck hurt. My mom was trying to help me, but she was too freaked out, so I tried to instruct her to call my dad. She brought me a blanket and tried to check if I was alright. My chin was bleeding and the right side of my face was bruised. When I tried to speak, I realized I had broken my front tooth and then I started freaking out ;____;  I have always taken good care of my teeth...I've never had any cavities and I'm always careful of them....but this time I couldn't do anything ;____;

When my dad came home, he tried to make me feel better by saying I looked cool because people would think I'd been in a fight. MEHHH. He says he can fix my tooth really easily which I'm very thankful for. I can't get it fixed right now, however, because my jaw is also dislocated and I can't open my mouth well enough for him to fix it. When I fainted, I hit my chin on the sink and that dislocated my jaw while at the same time forced my bottom teeth to break my front tooth. Mehhh ;_______; poor face I will be okay <3

Right now my biggest problem is getting out of bed. Gravity is so heavy....I can only sit up and walk for a short period of time. I need to regain my strength back. I was watching the Australian Open while in bed and it's inspired me to get healthy as soon as possible and start playing tennis again. I don't have anyone to play with anymore, but I'm still gonna find a way <3

2012 is gonna be the year I get my health back <3