I'm taking antibiotics...I've been sick for a while now. I don't cough a lot, but when I do it hurts a my back. Ughhh...I just want to get better so I can run and work out...hmmmmmmmmm!!! SURPRISE!!!! My artproject!!~ My dad was using my camera...I can't find it, so I took these with my phone. I'll take some nice ones later one....cause you can't really see the detail ;_________; So anyway...If you didn't already know, it's Andre Agassi<3 I drew this on cold press paper with graphite pencils. There is almost nothing left of my pencils....need to buy some more~

HAHAHAHA~ Isn't he cute??? =^_____________^=

I have another project due on Thursday and a research paper for my Mass Communications class on Friday.....ughhhh. Whatever...I'll finish them~

Hope everyone's week is going well!!~ ^______________^