Relaxing at Home

I just finished straightening my hair~ It's naturally curly, so sometimes I straighten it for a change. I did lots of things:

○ Watch the Australian Open Final ━ Federer won (´∩`。) ○ Finished writing letters to my penpals ○ Solved my Rubik's cube ━ HELL YES! ○ Played the piano ○ Did the laundry ○ Replied to e-mails ○ Started my art project ○ Straightened my hair ━ it takes a while so I put it in this list

Tomorrow I have class.....ughhhhhhhhhh only 2 more weeks till winter session is over! YAY~ I like my classes...but I am at school till just gets really tiring after a while.

OKAY~ Need to get my stuff ready. Have a wonderful week you guys!