So Unexpected

Serena Williams ended up winning.....6-1, 6-2.....that's a pretty awesome way to win!!! I'm happy that she won ^___^ Nobody expected her to make it so far...but she did----yay~ Today I've been cleaning around the house....washing the dishes, vacuuming....I still have to clean my room....;_____; I don't want to. I started on a drawing last night at around 12:30 and went to sleep at 2:oo. I'm so eager to color the drawing...but I have to clean my room first...good motivation.

Remember that really really really cute Welsh Corgi youtube video that I posted some time ago?? Well, the makers of that video have another one that is equally's sooooo cute.

Okay, I should get going. Have a wonderful weekend all of you. Take Care!!

OHHHH and don't forget the men's final: Roger Federer vs. Fernando's gonna be good.