A good day that ended on a sad note

I am on the rode to recovery and felt a little bit better yesterday so I spent the day with my friend and sister. We drove to Little Tokyo to eat at Shin Sen Gumi. The food was awesome like always.

After eating a super rich meal, we walked to the Little Tokyo mall and walked around. I was looking for a good luggage back, but everything was too expensive. We went to the market and I bought a Witch Hazel cleanser and then we bought sweets~

At night, we ended up at a Barnes & Noble and sat and read books. I got a news alert that Christopher Hitchens had a died an hour before...and my happy day became very sad. He is a favorite of mine and someone I look up to a great deal. He was an amazing writer and intellectual and I'm sad that I can no longer look forward to reading any new material or hear another great talk by him. The world has lost a great voice.