A Quick Summary

Sorry for not writing these few days. I've been really busy and sick...again! OMG....you know how earthquakes have after-shocks??? well....I'm having flu-aftershocks...haha. On Tuesday I woke up and felt like crap.....I have a runny nose and my voice sounds like a frog's once again. It's so weird...I thought I was getting better and then all of a sudden, I'm sick again! Yesterday I slept at 3:30am....I was working on my art project. It's finished...I turned it in today...OMG I love it....I can't wait till I show you guys!! The good thing about staying up so late was that I got to watch the semi-finals of the Australian Open. I'm sorry for not writing so much about the Open....I always do...but this past week has been a little tough. But here is my little summary ^__________^:

So....David Nalbandian lost in 4th round to Tommy Haas...I didn't get to see the match since they weren't showing it...but I was watching the live scores on my computer...ohh it was so sad, but that's life. One day David will win a slam ::crosses fingers:: OMG...who do you think is gonna win on the women's side??? Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams?? I am so surprised that Serena has been able to play sooooo well! I was sure she was gonna lose earlier on, but she has proved me wrong. I have a feeling Sharapova is gonna win...since she is just playing really well, but I would not be surprised if Serena ended up winning...she's not gonna give up~ So yesterday while I was working on my project, I got to watch the semi-final match between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer....HAHAHAHAHAHA that match was sooooooo weird!! Federer only needed like an hour and a half to beat Roddick...it was insane! Omg....It's not that Roddick wasn't playing well....Federer was just sooo amazing.....he's not human...just incredible. The score of that match was 6-4, 6-0, 6-2. It was painful watching Roddick...I felt sorry for him...He wasn't hitting any winners and Federer was just returning every ball with such skill. When Roddick managed to hit one winner he yelled out "finally!"...which was funny. Overall a very entertaining match...it definitely made the drawing process a lot more fun! So....who is gonna win on the men's side? I think Federer...but if anyone can bring him down it's probably Fernando Gonzalez from Chile. I hope he wins....he has played really really well this whole tournament....and he has no Grand Slam titles....Federer has 9....he can afford to lose hahahah~ Fernando Gonzalez will be playing his semi-final match against Tommy Haas today....exciting!............Okay, I'm done talking about tennis~

Tomorrow I have a midterm for my Mass Communications class. I'm not worried! I've been studying a little everyday. After writing this, I'm gonna go and review one last time.

I hope you guys have been doing well....tomorrow is Friday so we can all relax!! YAY!!!~