Preparing for India

So many things to do before my trip, but right now I am stuck in my bed because I am sick. I finished my last Typhoid pill yesterday morning, and ever since I took it, I've been feeling like crap. There were four pills in total and every pill made me feel worse. After taking the third pill, I had bad stomach cramps and I felt like throwing up. Yesterday I had intense stomach cramps and I did throw up, plus I got a sore throat. Today I have a light fever and I've been throwing up. I can't speak because it hurts my throat.....I FEEL SO WONDERFUL~

I only have two weeks before I leave, so I've been planing things that need to be done. I still have to finish my competition boards for studio....I have to submit on the 15th. A little stressed out, but ehhhh whatever. I need to:

  • buy an adapter for my electronics
  • buy a good luggage bag that is small
  • figure out the best clothes to take with me
  • i can't think of anything right now cause my head be continued

Good news! I purchased my Lumix GF2 last week and should be getting it tomorrow by the end of the day. I am so excited to test it out! And, second piece of good news: I purchased my Macbook Pro, FINALLY!!! I was so nervous since I've never owned a Mac plus the thing costs so much, I was nervous placing the order too! When it arrives, I'll have two days to get used to it and then it's off to India. I need to install all the programs onto it before hand~

I've had such a boring day today. I woke up and drank tea. I watched the last few episodes of The Office that I had missed due to school. I watched random youtube videos. I tried to read A Game of Thrones that my friend has let me borrow, but I couldn't. I drank some more tea. I read about Typhoid fever. I tried to fix the lights on the Christmas Tree, but I felt worse so I went and drank some more tea and went back to bed.

It's now 2:16 am and I can't fall asleep, so my sister and I are watching Seinfeld in my room. I hope I knock out soon <3

PS. I begun writing this post earlier today but then when I updated Wordpress, I kept getting fatal errors so I couldn't do anything. My hosting company helped me out in no time <3 So here I am~