Post Studio Final Update

This is me in the living room after staying up all night working on studio. Last week was draining and I'm glad that studio finals are over.

My friends came over to my house and we worked and worked and worked and ate and worked and worked and worked... One of them had a final on Wednesday and I didn't want her to drive all the way back home, so I made her sleep over. We slept in the living room (which explains the first two photos of me).

So let me explain what is going on over here. This is the computer I've been using. It couldn't handle all the programs that I had would heat up and turn off while I was working, so I had to keep it cool, constantly. What you see on the keyboard is a bag of ice and below is a huge stick of frozen butter. Yes. A winning combination.

This is piece of candy that we dubbed Crystal "Meth" Light. It gave us sugar rushes which we so desperately needed to stay up.

My sister made us food.

We had to make a quick stop in studio so I could help my friend built her model and we happened upon this cute dog. Some guy brought his 3 week old husky to studio! Three weeks old! She was so small and I was obviously distracted. I tried my best to not pay any attention to her...but it was difficult.

Friday was our final review! My worked pinned up!

The reviewers reviewing!

Saturday night, I was working on my last final which is due this coming Friday. My friend called me up and said that he wanted to go eat, so I went with him. We drove to West Hollywood and tried to look for a good place to eat. I found this funny Armenian market.

After checking out several places, we decided to eat at Urth Cafe which was a really cozy and packed place. I had this heart shaped panini <3 While we were eating, we saw Joe Jonas. At one moment, he looked and smiled it me. It was very awkward.

And finally, a photo of what I made today. I have eaten so much garlic today that my blood pressure has gone down and now I feel the need to lie down and rest my head ~

I hope you are having a wonderful week~ Even though my studio final is over, I am still super busy! Preparing for India!

PS!!!!!! I filmed this in West Hollywood. It's lame but I find it extremely hilarious.