I'm here!!! Been a little busy this week. LOTS of stuff has happened--------------! I went to my cousin's baby shower on Saturday. It was really really boring.....hahaha~ There were just a bunch of old ladies there and ughhhh they were just talking talking talking....

Sunday was awesome!!! I went to a soccer game. Armenia vs. Panama~ This game was a qualifying game, so it counts towards the FIFA World Cup. OMG I had so much fun. I went with my dad, sister, and a bunch of friends. I ended up seeing even more friends at the stadium. The whole stadium was filled with was crazy. The game was okay. The score ended up being 1-1....a tie~

My sister is the one screaming very loudly btw.

It was so weird...there were almost no females at the game!! It was kind of cool though since there were NO lines in the bathroom!!! HAHAHA~

Sunday also was the first day of the Australian Open! Don't think that I have forgotten about the tennis! I've been watching everyday while drawing for art. I'm sad Baghdatis is out...he's always fun to watch. I'm am as always cheering for David Nalbandian<3 I'm waiting for the Andy Roddick vs. Marat Safin game to start. I HOPE SAFIN WINS....::wishing::!! Serena William's game against Nadia Petrova just was a really good match...very exciting! Ohhh and Rafael Nadal won his 2nd round match!! Ahhhh I love the Australian much excitement!!~

I just finished watching a Japanese drama called Ace wo Nerae (Aim for the Ace).....obviously about tennis~ It was okay ^__________^ Hmmmm.....

Oh! I got my hair cut on Monday!!! I got bangs now! My hair is to my shoulders now with lots of short layers. HAHAHA my head feels lighter!