Still Coughing

Hello....I am so tired ;____; I was up all night coughing. I am not feeling weak anymore..but my coughing is not going away! Hm...I can't wait till I'm 100% better~! I have been drawing my feet. SOOOO BORING!! My first assignment for art is to draw my feet...and we are not allowed to shade!!! ughhh....... The class is way too long, from 1:00pm to back is always hurting when I leave that class. I'm happy that I don't have art on Fridays...ohhh and Monday is a holiday!!!!!!~

Hmmm...what was I going to say...OH YEAH~ So last week registration for SPRING 2007 started. I want to continue with my calculus class. Last semester's was Honors this coming semester would be Honors 104... My friend, whose registration date was last Thursday said that the class was closed!! She said that she tried to get into the class, but the website said it was closed. I started panicking because....what the heck am I gonna do if I don't get into that class???!!!! I was really worried...since my registration date was today at 4:45...............anyway!! So yesterday I found out that the online registration system had messed up so everyone who had already registered had to re-register + the class hadn't been closed...soooooo todayyyy I got to register!!! I am so happy...if I didn't get in...I don't know what I would have done. I have to be extra careful with my schedule....since I have to drop off and pick up my sister from school everyday. YAY!!! So Happy!!