Winter Session Has Started

First day of school after holidays~ For winter I am taking two classes: Mass Communication & Life Drawing. Mass Comm is about media and the different types of communication(radio, tv stations, etc.)'s really boring! The teacher is really nice though...he just teaches a really boring subject, so I know for sure I'm gonna fall asleep one of these days.My art class seems okay. The teacher is a little shy, and you can barely hear is voice. I bought most of my supplies today from an art store. I needed a bunch of graphite pencils and charcoal pencils and some layout bond. I hope I'll learn a lot in this class.

I saw this on TV a while ago...but I found it yesterday on YouTube!

I am starting to feel a little bit better. My voice is horrible though!! I sound like a man! ;_______; I was coughing the whole time in class today...people were giving me dirty looks ;__;....I can't wait till I get better!!

OHH! The error seems to have gone away. I never received an e-mail back...but I guess they fixed the problem (● ̄∇ ̄)=====b 。:*:・