Thanksgiving Break Photo Summary

After my first final on Wednesday, I met up with my friend (who took these photos) at a crepe place that we frequent...a lot. We both got crepes and then shared this thing. We are pigs. I'm not ashamed to admit. I eat way too much of this stuff for my own good. But whatever.

We then made a quick visit to the mall so I could buy The Borrower Arrietty from this store. That's me...staring at all the wonderful stuff inside that I want.

Then at night, we went to a photography exhibit that my sister's boyfriend had organized. This is my sister and I. Please don't be afraid. I look like this almost all the time in real life.

The night before, my friend and I were working on our final. We were trying to spray paint our laser cut models. I failed at putting on a glove properly.

At night, my dad brought us dinner from home <3. We ate a lot. We stayed until we finished our models (which was till 2 am I think...) and then we finished the drawings at home. I slept very late >___>

The morning of Thanksgiving, I met up with my friend who goes to UC Berkeley. We never get to see each other anymore since she lives up there for school. I won't see her again until summer since I'll be in India when she comes home for winter break ;____; So I wanted to see her <3

Thanksgiving was spent at my cousin's house. I played with my cousin, Austin.

And his baby brother, Jacob.

And my older cousin...who knocked out in his 'sleep fort' that we built for him.

On Friday we went to our family friend's wedding! When my family lived in an apartment, we were all I call him my ex-neighbor haha~ My dad and sister at our table <3......

....And me with my dad <3

Broken heart ;____;

On Saturday night, my sister and I went to my friend's house to watch Arrietty and pig out (again) on sweets.

His dog wanted to hang out with us <3

This is a random close up of a dress I got during the break. I'll try to remember to take a better photo of it later~ I love the stars.

And then finally...I ended the break with a long walk by myself. I forget that the sun sets earlier now so I have to be careful. We have mountain lions in our area and I always forget to be careful. If I don't post anything in a long time, you can just assume that I got eaten by one during one of my walks.

It might not seem like it, but I also did a bit of school work this break. My final for studio is this coming Friday. I am very nervous! Can't wait till it is over! Then I can focus on getting ready for India~

I hope you guys have a wonderful week <3