Error?? What??

I am still sick. Today is my parent's 27th wedding anniversary~ They want to go out as a family, but I am like...ughhhhhh!! I took a shower an hour ago...and I am too tired to fix my hair.Today is a good day because I was able to complete one layer of the Rubik's Cube~! I am so proud of myself. I'm gonna try to finish the second layer later on tonight~

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?? My sister showed it to me~ So cute ^____________^

School starts tomorrow. I hope I have enough energy tomorrow. It's only two classes: Mass Communications and Life Drawing. I have no idea what Mass Comm is about...but I need it for my generals. Life Drawing is for my major...architecture.

Can you guys see that error message on the top of the page? I have no idea what that's about...I contacted my host...but I haven't received any reply yet. Do you guys know what's wrong?? Ughh whatever!!~