I am sooooooo happy! My Calculus final came and went! Today I had to wake up at 5:00am to get ready for my final which was at 7:00am. I didn't study as much as I had planned, but surprisingly, everything went really well. I feel like this is the best final I have ever taken..even though it was long and hard. I feel good about it ^_______^ I got out of my final at 10:00 and went home to study for my other classes.I got two packages today from Jenn and Jen!!! Thank you both so much! Jenn! I loved your Christmas card; you and your family look so adorable!!! Kaylie<3 I loved it ^___^ And Jen! Thank you for the onsen powders...hahaha my dad happened to see them on my table and thought they were powdered green tea~

I have two more finals left. And then I will be free. This coming Saturday my family is going to Las Vegas. I'm not too thrilled. I really don't like that place. It's just boring. The hotel we are staying at has a bowling alley though...which is open 24 hours a day~yay. What I'm really excited about though is the Cirque du Soleil show that we are gonna go and see on Saturday night! I have always wanted to see their shows ever since Augusto told me how awesome it was way back in 9th grade~

I haven't been able to do much except school work. However, last week I managed to draw my favorite character from Naruto~ I love Kakashi Sensei...he is awesome ☆━━(♥≧▽≦♥) ━━!!!


OHH!!! Yesterday we put up our tree! We bought an actual tree since my mom hates our fake one. My dad and I weren't too happy..since we are tree lovers. But I have to's beautiful! I'll take some pictures if I have time. I didn't get to decorate it...since I was studying for math ;___;

OMG guys....I want Copic Markers! They are so awesome...but soooo expensive! ;______________; My friend own twelve Copic marker and I am so jealous! 12 markers cost around 60 dollars! They sell the 72 set one for $ expensive...

OKAY...I still have two finals I better get off the computer ;___; Wish me luck you guys!!!<3<3