It's sort of the last week of the semester. I have my last final on Monday...I think. Some of my teachers aren't even sure when our finals are...so yeah...that's good. Guess what!!! I got a 41 out of 50 on my last Calculus test!! OMG!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!! I didn't even get to study for it! I was writing my English research paper and I finished it at around 9:00pm...and then I started studying for Calc from 9:30 to around 1:00am....and then I woke up at 4:00am and studied a little more...and then I studied in the car for 40 minutes right before my exam which started at 8:15am.......My head hurt soooooooooo much. I had been working on that research paper for five days straight....after the Calc test I was just done. It was some sort of a miracle hahaha or some super luck that made me do so well...It's how stress and pressure can make you perform better sometimes! On to other news! I've "opened" a business! Well my business is part of a bigger company. It's called Burnlounge. On my Burnlounge website, I sell music....just like iTunes does. In a couple of months I'll be selling movies, ringtones, and games as well. If any of you download music from iTunes...maybe you would like to try Burnlounge out and see if you would like it better~ Burnlounge is a very new company so it's just starting out...because of that, anyone can sign up and sell music too....I'm trying it out to see how I like it~ So if you wanna download music, please try mine out!!<3

I've been reading Naruto like crazy these couple of days. It's so good...ahhhh~ What sucks is that I can't read a lot..since I have a lot to study. I can't wait till this semester is over with...then I can focus on fun stuff! ^___________________^

How is everyone's day coming along?? <3 Take Care!!~