Los Angeles River Adventure

I went to the LA River on Sunday with my class. We had a field trip that took us to different parts of the river. It was so much fun and I learned a lot. It helped that my awesome friends came along as well.

We started off at the Glendale Narrows. It was a really beautiful place. We laughed at all the cute ducks.

I named this crawfish 'Rafael Nadal' because only had one arm that was huge ;____; he was cute~

My rain boots came in handy.

I look super pissed/upset here. I was very hungry at this point...so maybe that's why.

Anyone know what that means?

This was our final stop. A lot of movies have been shot here throughout the years...like the Terminator and Gone In 60 Seconds....so many many many films.

Having a deep conversation about...I dunno.

My awesome friend who took all the photos that I am in.

Finally, we got to eat. We went to Wurstküche in Downtown LA. It was delicious as always.

I hope you've all been well! I apologize for being away for so long. I am getting closer to my studio final...December 2nd!! Been working feverishly on my project + other work for my other classes. I haven't gotten any sleep in two weeks and it's beginning to show. It's late right now...and I have an early morning class tomorrow (well..today), but I just wanted to post this!

I hope you guys have a wonderful Friday~ MEMEMEMEME <3