Happy Thanksgiving

I'm back!! Happy Late Thanksgiving everyone~ We left on Wednesday night and came back home last night. I had a wonderful time. The air was so clean and refreshing...so much better compared to the crappy air we got over here in LA. My cousin's wife's family has a pretty big house in SB and we all stayed in there....around six families. I love being surrounded by family....I feel like I can always turn to them whenever I am having a hard time...it's a really nice feeling. My dad, my cousin, and I went to the beach. The place was called Oso Flaco. We did a lot of walking to reach the beach. It was really hard to walk on all the sand...so when nobody was looking, we hid our shoes in a bush ^^. The water was ice cold. We didn't swim...hahah we would die if we did....we just ran around the water and played with the sand ^________^ My dad tried to push me into the water and I kicked him! We also went to Shell Beach and bought oysters...ewwww. There were so many walruses in the water...so cute^___________^ I wanted to hug them~ <3<3<3

On Friday night, my cousin and his wife took me, my sister and my other cousin(ahh so many cousins) to the movies and we watched Casino Royale. I loved it...gonna try to go see it once more.

Now I am home...We're going to my aunts house in a couple of hours...it's her wedding anniversary<3

I'll write more later~ I have to take a shower!! ^_______________^ Hope you are all doing good!!!!!!!!!