I just finished writing an essay for English...ahh so happy (ノ゚∇^)ノー♪ I also took my chapter 5 calculus test today. I was almost late for class, but I made it! I sat in the computer lab today for four hours...right underneath the air vent...it was blowing cold air the whole time...so I've got a stuffed nose. Yesterday I played tennis with a couple of people from my class. OMG...it was so awesome. I had a great workout. I've been walking and running on the treadmill every other day. I've also been thinking of joining a gym. My cousin goes to 24Hour Fitness Center in Glendale..which is like twenty minutes from my house. I could go to the gym right after my classes...ahhh it would be wonderful. I'm trying to convince my parents to get a family plan or something~

I've got a PlayAhead account. It's a swedish online community(is that the word for it??)~ Well anyway...I was on there checking my messages when I noticed an add for Twinkles. Twinkles are tiny teeth jewelry...hahah funny...I know~ When we still lived in Sweden my parents would always get young girls as patients who wanted these jewels bonded to their teeth. Hahaha my dad would always complain~ I just think it looks funny~

Ahhhh two more days to go! I can't wait till Wednesday...at around 9:30....YAY!!!~