I went to Little Tokyo with my good friend again yesterday~ We ate Ramen (Shin Sen Gumi TWICE in the same month!!) and then walked around before hanging around in Atwater Village for a little bit.

Bought some snacks for my sister and myself. She has been sick this weekend so I wanted to cheer her up~

This is just weird.........I rather eat a real crepe!!

We bought a couple of these toys at a store in Little Tokyo. I hate not knowing what's inside hahaha. I got a Space Invaders magnet! I really wanted a crab/squid/ or octopus, but I got a cannon.....MEH.

One for my sister and one for me!

Also, there is a small super market in LT that sells this brand of Kombucha! It is my favorite~ Whole Foods sells Kombucha too, but this one is more tasty!

OKAY OFF TO DO WORK <3 Hope you guys are having a good week so far <3 <3 Take care~