Do It All This Week

I going away to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving next week. A huge family reunion...^_________^ The sad thing is that I have soooo many things due the week after we come back...and that depresses I'm trying to complete all papers and projects and assignments this week and next. I have yet another math test on Monday which I'm not too thrilled about ;__;. I have been going to school extra early for the past two weeks so that I can work at the Math/Science center at school. I am so early (6:45) that I am the first person parking in the parking lots! It's kind of scary being on campus all alone hahaha~ I haven't done a lot of fun stuff lately since I'm focusing on my studies, but I did manage to watch two movies. I saw Running with Scissors and Borat ^_____^ Running with Scissors was an okay movie...I liked the book a lot more. The movie was kind of depressing...but sometimes funny~ Now Borat was awesome! I took my sister to the movies last Thursday and we watched it. The place was packed!! We were 45 minutes early so we got the best seats. The movie was hilarious and disgusting...but really reallly funny~ ^_____________^

I have to got and sleep now. I just got back from tennis and took a shower. Ohh that reminds me! I got a hair cut last Friday. I have bangs now!!! I have to go and blow dry my hair ;__; ughhh~ Take care you guys~<3