I can't believe how fast this week is going by. This semester in general just seems to be going by at the speed of light........okay not. But it's almost over! And in around 2 months I'll be heading over to India. I still need to figure out what I have to take with me....but I'll think about that later.

This is what my street looked like today in the morning. It doesn't show up in the photo, but it was very foggy. I enjoyed walking to school today because it was chilly. Walking in the heat with a super heavy backpack is not pleasant.

Yesterday night I stayed late at school. Then my friend picked me up and we ate crepes. I think I am addicted to crepes.

ALSO! I have been thinking a lot about changing this place around, but since school is demanding, I am not able to focus on the site ;_______; BUT!!!!! I did add another page! It's called My Work and it contains some of my artwork! It isn't done yet...but I just wanted do something else during my quick break~ Let me know how you like it~

OKAY TIME FOR BED FINALLY~ Have wonderful rest of the week guys <3