Need to Study!

My cousin asked me to go to a party with her so yesterday I went to Forever 21 with my sister~ She helped me pick out stuff..and forced me to try on some really weird thing. Finally I found a really cute jacket and a top. I bought some other cute stuff too like this bag and a ring from Charlotte Russe~ I woke up early today...have been studying ever since. My cousin is gonna come over and fix my sister's hair...she's going to her homecomming~ After that..I'm gonna go to my cousin's house and get ready for they party..and then I'm gonna sleep over at her house. I'm gonna come home early so that I can continue with my studying...since I have a math tests on Monday~ UGHHHHH!

My shoulder is feeling much better. I have to stretch a little bit extra for it to feel okay throughout the day. It'll get better~ Um...what else...I have so much to do during the week that I forget to post anything...I'll try to write more~ Okay...I'm gonna try to study some more~ Have a wonderful weekend you guys!!<3