Eventful Weekend with friends

Friday I had studio..like always. I've been working on my project...trying to flesh out the ideas for my proposal. Lot's of hours spent on the computers....I feel like my eyes can't take it anymore ;____;

My friend sitting at my desk working hard~

During studio, I was making a stencil for something that is not school related!

Saturday was spent with my two friends. We were first at their house playing with Ponchik <3  We then decided to go to Santa Monica to eat and walk around.

We went to an Italian restaurant which I can't remember the name of. I feel bad hahahaha. Their pizza was delicious though~

And this is what I had for lunch today. I just came back from a walk with my parents. It felt great. Now I'm going to continue working on studio....gonna stay up till.....1 am...and then time for bed~

Hope everyone's Monday was awesome <3