Love & Blush & Hearts

I just walked home from school. It's getting darker and colder. I don't mind the cold, but that's when cayotes and mountain lions appear. The other day I was doing hw in my room and I heard noises outside my window. I looked outside (my window was open btw) and there was a cayote staring at me....six feet away! It was awesome and scary at the same time. The rest of his/her? friends were running up and down our street. I get emails from my school, warning us to be careful since there have been lots of sightings of mountain lions. I saw one the week that school started. I get a little nervous walking home when its late, but it has to be done! I made this over the weekend. I have been feeling sad, so I wanted to draw a happy feeling. <3

I went to LUSH yesterday and bought a block of Henna~ I have always wanted to try. I have never permanently dyed my hair...In the beginning of this year, I semi-colored it, but it washed out a while back~ I try to stay away from products with chemicals....all of my moisturizers, facial cleansers, sun block, make up ( I don't really use make up anyway...)...etc etc is free from crap (or almost free from crap)!

I have no idea how my hair is gonna turn out~ I have dark brown hair and I just want to add some warmth to it, so I decided to get the Caca Marron henna~ The guy who helped me pick it out said that it adds a lot of shine to your hair and it will turn soft! Since I just let my hair be when I come out of the shower, it is already if what he says is true...I'm gonna have super super soft hair!

The Ultrabalm helps to keep the henna off your skin while you are coloring~

The guy who helped me threw in this "Strawberry Feels Forever" massage bar (what a weird  name...). It's a solid moisturizer if I understood him correctly~ It smells really cute~~~~

I don't know when I'll have time to try the henna out. I was aiming for this Thursday, but I have a midterm on Friday for studio and I know I'll be busy crying over my computer. So maybe this weekend...I'm in no rush~

I hope you guys are having a good week so far. Take care of yourselves <3 <3 <3