Just so Tired

I'm writing a speech for my class which is due tomorrow. It's about goals. I really don't want to write it now. I have been PMS-ing the whole day...so grumpy! Yesterday I was studying for my philosophy quiz and I fell asleep on my bed while reading. My mom thought I was done for the day, so she turned off the lights. I woke up with my sister yelling, telling me to take her to school....I then remembered that I had forgotten to type up my homework before I slept. UGhhhh...today wasn't bad...but it wasn't good either. On a brighter note. I bought BloodSugarSexMagic by the Chili Peppers and Shadows Collide with People by John Frusciante yesterday. I already owned the BloodSugarSexMagic CD, but it had started to jump on a couple of the tracks, so I got myself a new one<3

UGHHHH....back to writing my speech.