Wow I haven't posten in almost a week! A lot has happened! First of all: Thank you Jen for the wonderful present!! It's so cute ^___^

Also, thank you very much you guys, for all the kind birthday wishes!! THANK YOU!!!~

Now for some good news! I got an A on my math test!!!! ^____________________^ YAY!!!! I took the test on my birthday....and afterwards I felt so good about myself..because I knew I tried my best~ I got the test back on Thursday. I am so excited about math right now. I'm so happy that I started of well in this class. Now I just need to keep it up!

I went to downtown Los Angles last week with my dad. We both had to take our citizenship oats. My dad's was at 8:00 am and mine was at 1:00pm ;___; so I had to walk around downtown LA all by myself...early in the morning. It was a little scary, but I love being there. I was careful not to get lost. I was hungry and was walking around the city, trying to look for a Starbucks. I didn't find one. Instead I found this cafe called Fusion. The sold everything Starbucks sells + more. I got my regular drink plus a bagel.

Afterwards I started to walk around the city. I went to Grand Park which is right inside of FIDM - the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I was all alone..but occasionally some students would rush from outside the park, into the school building.

Museum of Neon Art
The Museum of Neon Art was inside the park as well. Grand Park is such an interesting place...because it is located in the heart of's so strange how there are trees, grass, and beautiful flowers right in the middle of the so many cool things surround the park like the fashion school, the museum, and a bunch of statues and monuments. And fake animals:


Grand Park + Museum + FIDM


You can see more photos of LA up in my flickr account. I had a good time ^________^