Never Ending Fieldtrips

I am running on almost no sleep. Been visiting all sorts of places. Yesterday I went to the Hyperion Water Treatment plant and today I went to see Richard Neutra's VDL House. I have taken loads and loads of photos from each place so I'm only going to post some from where I went today and then whenever I have time this week, I'll post the images from yesterday's trip! I had my Contemporary Issues class today at 9am. We ended a little early so we could drive to Silverlake to see Richard Neutra's VDL House. It was really fun and we got a really great tour of the place.

This is the model of what the original house looked like. The original burned down in 1963 and Neutra's son rebuilt it. The only part that didn't get destroyed was the back guest house.

This is the guest house that survived. I loved the outside space. The trees were big and they created this really nice atmosphere.

Great view of the Silverlake Reservoir.

My friend and I <3

Two presents that I got for my birthday.

My dad "ruined" our newly built and painted patio roof. It made me happy though <3

I have a ton of studio work. We are having a pin up on Friday, so I better continue~I hope you guys are having a good week. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Thank you thank you thank you <3