Oekaki-ing is Fun~

Hey guys~ It's finally Friday...I am so relieved! This week has been good...lot's of work, but it went well. Now I will relax a little bit. I'm not really gonna have a weekend(except on Saturday night) since I have a math test on Monday. I was a little bummed out..since the math test is on my birthday. But then I started thinking..and I realized that it's actually a good thing that it's on my b-day because that means I won't have to study that day!! I'll just have to work extra hard this weekend..and then everything will be OK. Tomorrow I am going to a concert! I don't know if you guys are familiar with Charles Aznavour. He is a French/Armenian singer that my parents (and myself) adore. He is so wonderful and amazing. I used to listen to him when I was really young...and I can't belive that I'm gonna see him...he is so old...I was always afraid that I wouldn't get a chance to see him live~ I bought the tickets for my family as a present some months ago~ My parents were so happy ^____________^~

I have been Oekaki-ing a lot lately. It makes me feel happy! Usually I just draw something and forget to save ━━━[○・`Д´・○]━━━! But occasionally I manage to remember!

I'm gonna go and watch some Project Runway reruns~ I just love that show!! Have a wonderful weekend you guys!!!~ ^_____________^

PS. I played tennis with my dad today<3