I love you Armenia

Yesterday marked the 20th year of Armenia's independence from the Soviet Union. I've been watching live tv from Armenia with my parents. My grandmother was emotional all day and I've been keeping her company by doing my hw by her. We've had a pretty chill day yesterday. I had school early in the morning. Then I helped my dad install a new door. We opened up a door from inside the house into the garage and built stairs from the garage into the house. It looks awesome so far (I'll show pictures later!!).

Now I'm taking a quick break before I start studio work again. I have a lot of work due on Friday. I'm trying not to think about it because it's bumming me out. I stress a lot about school because I want to make sure I do everything well. Ever since school started I've been pushing hard and some people in my classes have been getting away with doing very little. I don't ever want to lower my standards...or let my self down, but I'm gonna try to care less if I can't finish something on time even though I tried my best.

You guys have already met my crocodile. I took him with me when I went to New York. My dad wouldn't stop making fun of me. But whenever I hug him, I feel better. If I'm stressed, I look for crocodile.
I have this stupid problem where I believe that objects have feelings. I've been like this since I was little. My first memory of it was when I was in kindergarden..I had just eaten a banana and I threw the peel in the trash. I looked down the trash can and saw that the peel was the only things in there. I started feeling sad for it...."poor banana peel is all alone....." So I ate another banana and threw the peel in the trash so the two peels could be "friends". I still function this way...It's really dumb and I'm aware of that. Every night when I hug crocodile to sleep I get this feeling that he doesn't like me....that he's tired of me. AGAIN, I know....it's just an object. I think I might not be happy with myself or I have some hidden low self confidence that's making me think this way. I still love crocodile no matter what!!!!!! Always and always~
My dad's calling me for tea~ Time to go. Hope you guys finish this week strong! <3