Friday Tomorrow~

OMG! I gave my first speech today!!~ yay ^___^ I was so nervous at the beginning of class...but now I feel a lot more comfortable~ I really need this class...I was just in denial..hahaha ヘ(^0^ヘ)(ノ^ー^)ノ~ I love my speech class..the teacher is really nice and fun...and makes you feel comfortable~ A L S O...^^ there is this guy in my speech class that looks exactly like Anthony Kiedis!!! He wears similar clothes...his hair is sort of like Anthony's..and he has tattoos. But it's not only his appearance...he talks and describes things like him too!'s so funny...reminds me of Lain's post~

I have to wake up really early everyday, so I don't get a chance to eat anything except these Nutri-Grain bars... I don't even like them 。・"(>0<)"・。

Okay...I hope you find this funny. My sister and I were doing hw in the kitchen and I just started to mess with her school planner. This is what I do when homework gets really boring:



Nice huh?? It's so's sort of cute.....okay maybe not~^_________________^~ YAY tomorrow is Friday! I am so happy~♡^▽^♡