Last night my grandmother cooked and it was delicious. Right afterward I got the same headache that I had on Friday. I had to lie down cause it hurt too much. So then I started to think about what I had eaten. "I had raw onions....did I have raw onions on Friday? No.....I just got a sandwhich like I always do.....hold up no...I had an In n Out burger...with onions.....omg....why can't I eat onion?? I love onions....sad life." So I'm guessing I have some sort of an allergy or intolerance to onions. Whenever I have time I'll go to a doctor to make sure. I'll just avoid onions till then. ;___;

I'm doing studio work right now. I have picked my site and now I need to come up with a few diagrams for tomorrow. I would much rather be outside....the weather is really nice. Sometimes I wish I wasn't in this field.

What I had for lunch today. I could eat this everyday.

I made some Lotus leaf tea and I threw in some Chrysanthemum flower buds to make it more tasty because Lotus leaf tastes like crap.

We buy our teas from Wing Hop Fung in Chinatown (downtown los angeles). My dad and I make a trip once a month to stock up on different teas. My family drinks  A LOT of tea.

I recently bought this to try. It's called Genmai-cha and is a green tea which is mixed with roasted brown rice. Apparently it reduces the risk of cancer and tumors, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and fights bacteria and viruses! I hope it tastes good.

Hope you guys have an amazing week <3