This Headache is Killing Me

Second week of school...I am so busy! School everyday, but I don't really mind. I had calculus and philosophy today. My calculus class is the best. I love my teacher because he actually knows how to teach...he makes the class enjoyable. Philosophy was okay~ I did so much homework today. Just to get stuff out of the way. I have an hour gap between my math class and my english class on tuesdays and thursdays, so I'm gonna try to write some letters during that time!~ I haven't had any time to write them, so tomorrow is my chance~

I rarely have headaches but today I have a huge one..and it's not going away. I have been drinking lots of water and trying to stay out of the heat, but it's still not going away...I don't know what to do-----------( ´Д`)-----------!!~

I'm gonna go and sleep!・・・・・★