School in Two Day

School starts on Wednesday~ I usually dread the first day of school..and I aways constantly think about it....but I am so peaceful today ^___^ and I am not worrying like I always do...It's a strange but nice feeling. Yesterday I slept over at my cousin's house. A couple of our friends came over and we had a 'get-together'. We watched the movie Crash, which I thought was excellent! We also watch some Indian movie(so good..but sad ;__;). At around two, most of the people left. We started playing cards and tried to finish a whole bowl of m&ms....ugh..I'm so sick of candy right now. At four thirty everyone left and we started cleaning the living room~ We slept at around six to another Indian movie...I don't remember what the movie was about~

We woke up at three!! OMG! I always wake up before nine...and I just felt as thought the whole day was wasted!! Anyways...we gave each other manicures while watching some tennis. My nails are so pretty!~ At around eight thirty we left my cousin's house. I'm home right now..checking e-mails and writing this post~

Hope you guys had a good long weekend!~