Sipping some tea

I'm at home tonight. Been working on studio work since last night. We have a final on Tuesday and I want to finish everything by tomorrow so I can relax a little bit. I just came back from a daily run and now I'm drinking some tea that I bought from Chinatown.

Chrysanthemum Flower Bud!

My grandmother has been staying over for the past couple of days and I feel so bad for not spending any time with her because of the huge amount work I have...She is very understanding though, but I feel bad and miss her.

I love her very much. I didn't get the chance to grow up with my grandparents and relatives around me like my cousins since I was born in Sweden, so my relationship with them is very different. The closeness I have with my grandmother is very different than my cousins...they hug her constantly and kiss her and tell her out loud that they love her. I am not used to showing affection like that. I hug her too, but I don't show off my love...if that makes sense? It's kind of understood...I would do anything for her, but I don't talk about it....We just have this silent connection where she knows how much I love her and I know how much she loves me. I don't know if that makes sense. I don't even know why I'm talking about this, but whatever! I love my grandmother. She is my mom's mom and her name is Isabel. I have never met my dad's mom because she died before I was born. My parents had moved to Sweden in the late 70s and she died a short while after from a stroke. My dad rarely spoke of her when I was young...I only knew her name...Tello. But as I've grown up, he's told me more and more. I wish I knew her...from what he's told me, she was really strong and loving.

My grandfather from my mom's side died in 1997 I believe. His name was Aram. My mom didn't take it well at all. I remember being scared and uncomfortable at home because I didn't like hearing my mom's cries. I felt sorry for her because she didn't have any relatives around that could comfort her. My dad, my sister, and I tried our best to be there for her. When I was born, my grandparents from my mom's side came and visited us in Sweden. They stayed with us for a couple of months, but I was too young to remember anything...obviously. The last time I saw my grandfather was in 1992. We had a family renunion in Armenia. I was five years old and I hadn't met any of my relatives up to that point.

My grandfather Aram and I <3

My grandfather from my dad's side I only got to meet once. I was two or three when he visited us in Sweden, so I don't remember him that well. His name was Daniel. My dad always tells wonderful stories about him. I wish I could have known him. He died a few years ago and unfortunately, my dad never got to see him again after his visit.

I love my grandparents for being good parents to my mom and dad. I love my parents <3 They have been so good to me. We've been through a lot...but it's alright. We can handle it.

OKAY. BACK TO THIS SCHOOL CRAP. I hope you guys are having a good weekend <3