I walked into my 9 am class today and my professor told us that he was gonna end class early today because he had to go to the site where a house that he has designed is in the process of being built. He told us that we could go with him and look at the progress if we wanted to, so my friend and I decided to go~ The house is located in the mountains of Hollywood and it's beautiful. It's been so incredibly hot here in LA today...we were melting while standing up there, but it was worth it. The house is designed so that A/C is not necessary. Even though it was super hot outside, the inside of the house was cool and breezy. My favorite part of the house was the "backyard". There are stairs that go all the way up the mountain that the house sits on. All the way at the top, there is a hiking trail! It was very narrow and my friend and I were scared of falling down, but we managed...especially after seeing the incredible view.

My feet were burning up.

I was waiting for the temperature to go down at night so I could jog , but that's not happening.....I'm gonna jog anyway~~ I hope you guys are having a good week so far. Take care <3