E D I T : 09/01/06, 1:31 AM OMG!!! I just got back from the concert! It was amazing!! I'll write about it more tomorrow...way too tired!! AND before I leave: AWESOME GAME AGASSI! I'm so glad he won!! This has been a wonderful day!! Talk to you guys tomorrow!!

E N D E D I T : 09/01/06, 1:38 AM

I can't belive tomorrow is already here!! It went by so fast! YAY!!~ Finally...I'm gonna be seeing the Red Hot Chili's a dream come true!!

RHCP ticket~

What pisses me off though is that cameras are not allowed...OMG!!! How can cameras not be allowed??!! It's not fair ;_______; I'm taking my phone with me of course..but those pictures aren't gonna be that great ^^: The doors open up at 6:30 and the concert starts at 7:30. The opening band is Mars Volta. I've heard some of their songs...they're alright. My sister's drum teacher saw RHCP play in San Diego last week and he said the concert was awesome! I am so happiiii~