OMG AGASSI, you are the best!!!!!!!! What a match. Probably the most exciting and nerve racking first round match ever. My family was glued to the tv. You guys should have seen my dad...he was jumping around like a mad man. He's been cheering for Agassi for the past twenty years...and he certainly did not want to see him go tonight. I can't belive he won...in the third set he was down 0-4...and he came back winning that set! Agassi defeated Andrei Pavel of Romania 6-7 (4),7-6(8),7-6(6),6-2.

I took that during the match...my memory card was full, so I could only take this crappy picture hahaha ^__^

Wow!! It was so exciting. I hope you guys got to watch it! I'm sure they'll show it again! How amazing it would be if Agassi would win this US OPEN....let's hope~