Summer forever please

Whenever I am sad I either lock myself in my room or I try to distract myself by doing too many things at once. Neither is good, but I prefer the latter. I went to Chinatown/ Little Tokyo twice this week with my friends. On Thursday my friends picked me up and we went to Chinatown so I could buy tea. I ended up buying a few other things as well~ Then we went to Little Tokyo to eat yummy food. We drove back to my friend's house and I ended up staying there till midnight...when I received a call from my friend from school. She asked me if I could help her finishing up her project for her final which was the following Friday morning. I rushed back home...put on comfortable clothes, took off my contact lenses and got my school tools together and walked to school. I got there at 1: 30 am....she was so happy to see me and I was happy that I could help her. We worked all night and we finally printed her work at 9:30 am. She then dropped my off at my house and I went to bed. On Saturday I invited a few of my closest friends over to swim and eat kebab. My friend brought over his Welsh Corgi <3 after I begged him to~ Cutest dog.

It was a great day. I was so happy to be surrounded by people that mean so much to me...people that have always been so wonderful to me. For a few of hours, I had forgotten that I have been feeling sad these past couple of weeks. That is why I always want to be around people I can be happy <3

Bought seaweed salad.

My new little bunny bowl.

Chocolate tree stumps are too good.

cowfish. <3 so cute.

I was working on my friend's plans and section and she let me name her work in the end.

She is pinning up her panels for the review....

...while I'm spinning around like an idiot.

Kicking my sister in the face.

The birds in our backyard. I love them so much. Every morning I rush outside to watch them feed their babies.

Sister sneaking up on me....

....never lets go.

^___________________^ my dad trying to teach Ponchik how to swim.

He prefers sitting in the sun <3