I LOVEEEEE being here. I love being surrounded by wonderful people constantly~ It's so refreshing! New York has been great so far...it's been super humid...I don't know how people here can stand it. I feel gross! My hair is naturally curly...but back home, I blow dry it sometimes...to tame it haha, but here I don't even try to do anything...it just curls even more so I just let it do whatever it wants~ My cousin's own a really really cute boxer named Tuba <3 ^_______^ He is scared of fireworks~ AWWWWWWW <3 My mom is really scared of dogs....really really scared...but now she has started to pet him~ It's so great to watch her open up like that~

I don't have my laptop with me...on my cousin's computer, so I can't resize my photos to post here. I'm gonna try to post photos directly from my phone~ I apologize if the sizes are horribly off!


Arriving at JFK

My uncle <3

DAD <3

My cousin Stephen drew me.

My cousins...photo is too dark ;____;

Tuba is watching Flight of the Conchords~



More photos ( & videos) to come!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend~ Take care until next time <3