I'm off to New York in 6 hours or so. It's 1: 40 and I'm super anxious. I am normally not like this. I am going to miss my sister....I need her right now and don't want to leave her. She told me to call her as much as I want whenever I feel the need to talk. <3 I have packed everything...just double checking that I have my phone charger and contact lens solution...that kind of stuff. I'm trying to figure out a way to pack Kokordiloz with me because he makes me less stressed. Unfortunately, my laptop is still being fixed so I will not be taking it with me ;_____;. I'll try my best to post images from my cousin's comp if it is convenient~

So...that's it for now I guess~ I hope you all have a wonderful two weeks <3 ^____________________^ <3 <3 <3 mew mew mew...i will miss you <3