My grandmother left our house yesterday and the house has been deathly quiet since. I miss her and so do all the flowers in our backyard (they told me)~ I've have slowly started to pack for Saturday. I'll be leaving LA early in the morning. I am kind of hesitant about leaving for some reason...it's stupid, but my heart doesn't feel alright. I will be going with my parents...they are staying for a week and I'm staying for two. My cousin wrote to me: "see you this weekend!" and it sounded surreal. I miss them so much and I can't believe I will be seeing them this weekend~

Moving on! I have a small obsession with crocodiles. It all started when a very special person gave me my first crocodile:

His name is Kokordiloz (which means crocodile in Armenian). Koko for short! I love Koko very much. I take him with me on long trips and I hug him to sleep every night <3 I feel sorry for Koko because I squish him so much...he is probably sick of me ;_______; but I love him ^_____________^

Together forever <3

The next kokordiloz, I bought myself! I got him from a craft store and painted him. He guards my books <3

My third kokordiloz was a birthday gift from a really great friend of mine~ She knew I liked crocodiles~ ^________^ This one guards my desk!

And the final crocodile is from the same person who gave me my first one~ It is a wooden crocodile pen! I wish I took a photo of the whole crocodile.....the tail of the crocodile is the pen~ It's a  cute crocodile that protects my pens and pencils on my desk <3


And so ends my post about my kokordilozes haha~ I hope you are all doing wonderfully! Have a great rest of the week! <3