Strawberries for Breakfast

I've been hanging out with my grandmother this past week. I love having her here because the house is more lively and there is always something delicious being cooked. Today we made Dolma has been cooking for a few hours now so it will be ready by the time my parents come home from work. This past weekend was packed with birthdays and relatives. Here are some photos!

BBQ at our house.

We went to Le Pain Quotidien in Studio City with my family for lunch for my sister's birthday. I liked their Belgian Hot Chocolate. My aunts like to read each other's coffee cups.....I draw what I want in mine~

This is what a I really look like.

My baby cousins~

My relatives were over on Friday and at midnight we decided to play Lotto.

On Saturday we went out with friends to a bar in West Hollywood called The Abbey for my sister's birthday. I took a photo of this guy cause he looks EXACTLY like the guy who plays Dean from Gilmore Girls. Doesn't he?!?!?! I think it is him!

My breakfast today.

Finally, some good news! I will be going to New York in less than two weeks! I bought my ticket a few days ago~ I can't wait to see my cousins and hang out with my aunt <3 I just want to get away from LA.

I hope you all has a good Monday. Have a wonderful wonderful wonderful week~